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Monday, February 8, 2010

Not a Possum Lover

Soooo I am sitting peacefully on my back porch swing drinking my coffee watching the beautiful birds eat out of the bird feeders, the rabbits are hopping around and my dog Chelsea is doing her morning explore to check to see what type of animals have been in her yard while she was sleeping; and all of the sudden I see what looks like a huge over sized rat!!! OMG! the ugliest creature I have ever seen!! So as I ran back in the house to get my gun and the dog was chasing it around like a crazed animal! (Guess she thought it was as ugly as I did) It ran up an old tree and there it has been for the past week, hiding out in an old hollow tree that was broken down during the Ike storm! Ewwww! Just to know its there! Now I am an animal lover, in fact the neighbors call me jokingly the animal whisperer but this is not one of my favorites!!

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